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This project began as a basic study sheet and reference guide for me to study from. But over the last eight years this guitar player's bff has grown into the Basic Fretboard Fundamentals Visual Guitar Chart and has become a superhero study buddy for me and many other beginning to intermediate (even some advanced) guitar players.

When I began my search for 'all guitar knowledge in one place' I never would have imagined that it would evolve so far beyond basic information and into something that other guitarists of all levels find "amazingly helpful".

My intent in designing the BFF for Guitar was to get the most information in the least amount of space, so that I could always have something to study from without carrying around the weight of several books. (Don't get me started on the chapters of repetition and the pages of useless information that books charge you for!)

Even if I only had 5 minutes a day to play with, I had something to build on and expand my skills and ideas. In the designing of the BFF for Guitar, my OCD kicked in, in a Major way! (All pun intended). My persistence prevailed and your guitar playing will soar. Reap the rewards you deserve.

To be able to shape music/sound into the way we feel is one of the greatest expressions of art that I can imagine. Even if I have to noodle around a bit to piece a song together. Because of the time spent learning from the Basic Fretboard Fundamentals Visual Guitar Chart, I have the tools to build a song framework (and scetch out lead/fill ideas) much more quickly than ever before and so will you.

And now, as my grandmother says, "it's time to share kiddo..."


T. Melton
Educational Illustrator


The Charts,


The Basic Fretboard Fundamentals Visual Guitar Chart's story has far surpassed my own vision of what it could become and it's no longer mine to keep to myself. You are the next chapter in the charts evolution, its lifecycle. Now, the story is about you and your adventures in sound shaping for years to come.

In becoming a fretboard explorer you will learn to free your fingers, expand your mind, to think way (way!) beyond, and even outside, the box!

I often get the question, how long does it take to learn all of this? The quickest I have heard of is 18 months. But, with just two chord shapes (I-V) you can do so much. In all honesty, there are many songs out there that use just two chords. The I chord and the V chord of each scale. And if you want to add one more and increase your song list, use the I chord, the IV chord and the V chord. (I-IV-V progression.) This can be learned in a day or two.


Thank you!

P.S. There is a workbook being developed to help you sort through everything the Basic Fretboard Fundamentals Visual Guitar Chart covers. I will put the workbook under 'Practice Pages' when it’s finished.

Chart Layout (8.5 x 11, folded)


CHART DESIGN: 7 Lesson Sections + Two Broad Scope Lesson Folds:

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  1. 1) CHORD SKILLS: 35 common chord shapes (more in the advanced studies)
    2) CHORD MAPS: Skills on neck position (key) and chord location (harmony)
    3) COMMON CHORD PROGRESSIONS: 5 Major & 5 Minor (Chord Diversity) 
    4) PROGRESSION/LEAD TREE: A tool for building your own progressions and melodies 
    5) MAJOR MODE PROGRESSION: Tying the modes together to cover the fretboard
    6) CHORD to MODE RELATIONSHIP (ADVANCED STUDIES): Expanding your tool box
    7) MAJOR KEY STUDIES: Tying it all together. Plus an introduction to understanding Staff Notation

  2. LESSON FOLD ONE: (Images)
    Visual Connection for Chord to Mode Reference (CHORD MAPS)
    LESSON FOLD TWO: (Images)
    Visual Connection for the Minor to Relative Major Key change.

    If you have questions feel free to 'Ask A Question' (above right).

    A more complete description page for the The Major Scale Complete Basics Guitar Chart is coming. Please be patient...

    Thank you,
    T. Melton
    Educational Illustrator

    Pentatonic Minor / Blues;
    Harmonic Minor;
    Hungarian Gypsy;
    Spanish Gypsy...

    ...more to come

    If you have questions feel free to email me. I will add more to the details when I can.

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