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Major Scales Basic Fretboard Fundamentals:

Major.Outside Major.inside


A year's lessons worth of information for less than $10. Covered...


Countless books worth of information designed into one chart... priceless!

This is a Basic Fretboard Fundamentals road map of how the keys fit on the neck and how all its puzzle pieces fit together. In essence, it is an atlas for fretboard explorers, that fits in your gig bag!

Visual Guitar Charts are designed to be used with a guitar instructor. This is recommended because a guitar instructor will help you stay focused on smaller studies rather then trying to learn it all at once. Yes, that has happened many times. Be aware, trying to take it all in at once will burn you out. Even then, keep learning and never stop dreaming...

Study habits of a Beginner student may look like,

First Goal; Learn to fret one Major Chord (the 1 chord) and it Relative Minor (the 6 chord).
Second Goal; Play them back to back until you can them for 5 minutes at a decent tempo.
Third Goal; Learn the 4 and 5 chords using all four chords, in that order, for 5 minutes at a decent tempo.
Fourth Goal; Assign a feel good rhythm, and a song is born! Congratz!

Study habits of an Advanced Beginner student may look something like,

First Goal; Learn each of the 5 Major chord shapes.
Second Goal; Practice using the 5 Major chord shapes to play a single Major chord up and down the guitar neck.
Third Goal; Practice the same thing with the 4 and 5 Major chords.
Fourth Goal; Play the 1 - (6) - 4 - 5 chord progression in five distinct positions on the guitar neck.

Congratulations, again. Now you have chord progressions for all twelve Major keys firmly within your fingers.

Study habits of a Beginning Intermediate student may be;

First Goal; Practice each of the one note chord changes...
First, Major => Major 7th => Dominate 7th.
Second, Minor => Minor 7th.
Third, diminished => minor 7th flat 5 (half diminished).
Second Goal; Learn how to substitute each of the new chords into progressions you all ready know. Hear
how each one changes the feel of the progression.

Now you are able to shape sound! The magic is now beginning to flow...

Study habits of an Intermediate student;

First Goal;
Learn each mode pattern and it diatonic 3-tone and 4-tone chords (including the new chord shapes).

Now the magic is in your hands. Enjoy your new found freedom, create, shape sound, Play!
These are only a few examples of practices from the Fretworks Guitar Charts.

P.S. By no means are these examples as easy as I have made them sound. Passion is the drive that fuels us through the walls of repetition.